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If you are not at your house when meals are delivered they will be carded and brought back to the local DPD depot for you to collect.

Clean Cut Meals does not accept any responsibility for theft or damage done to meals if you have advised to leave them outside.

Any buildings that need access codes must be provided in the comments or else food will be brought back to the Depot where it must be collected.

Deadline for ordering: Orders must be placed online before 11.59pm on WEDNESDAY NIGHT, to be included for the following week starting Monday. If you miss the deadline you will be automatically included for the next week week.

All meals will be delivered to you in one delivery, chilled with ice packs in a insulated cardboard box. All meals will be packed in tamper proof containers for quality & freshness. We have tested all of our products with shelf life testing through CLS here in Galway.

How to store your meals: Meals have to be stored in the fridge below 4 degrees to ensure shelf life and quality. You can eat hot or cold, if you are reheating make sure to loosen the lid of the container and heat until piping hot all the way through : at least 3 minutes @ 700 wats. If you are heating in an oven please be sure to transfer to an oven proof dish and heat at 180 deg for 15-20 mins until piping hot all the way through.

Disclaimer : If you have not received your delivery by Monday, this means that there was a problem processing your package with DPD and it will arrive the following day Tuesday. We never want this to happen but unfortunately sometimes it does, but do not worry, the box is packed with ice and remain below 5 degrees for up to 48hrs from dispatch. Please take this into consideration when ordering and planning for your weeks meals. When this does happen we advise to freeze Fridays meals so they will keep till the Saturday.


In the event of a delay due to unforeseen circumstances 

Due to red weather warnings that occur in different areas of the country DPD sometimes come to a halt for safety reasons. If this is the case there will be more than likely a back log of deliveries to complete which may also affect the day of delivery on your consignment.

We never want this to happen but unfortunately it does sometimes, however if your consignment is not delivered the day after the delay we will offer either a full refund or a free weeks plan for the customer.


When does my order have to be in by?

Orders close Wednesday at 11.59pm for plans starting the following Monday-Friday. We have a strict deadline for orders and this is the latest possible to order as we work on your order the next morning.

If you do miss this deadline your order will be automatically scheduled for the following weeks plan, our refund policy is very strict and missing the deadline does not entitle you to one. If you would like to query this please email

[email protected]

Can I freeze my meals?

Yes all meals can be frozen, but the quality of the food will not be altered to much and the food will still taste great. We advise to eat the meals throughout the week fresh when possible.

What happens if one of my meals has broken on transport?

If you open your delivery and notice one of the meals has broken on transport? We advise to check all sides and see the extent of the damage, if the meal is savable please eat this one first. If the meal cannot be saved (RIP) Please contact us immediately so we can rectify the situation. Please check all meals are sealed with no breaks as if one container gets air into it it will not last any longer than 3 days in the fridge.

When should I expect my delivery?

Meals are dispatched with DPD on Monday weather it is home delivery or office delivery you have opted for. We have pushed for the earliest possible delivery with DPD but they are busy and this is up to them and how long the route is. So we would advise to bring a back up lunch to work with you on Monday just in case the delivery is after 1pm.

Weekly plans : Orders of weekly plans are sent in one delivery unless otherwise instructed, if you would like a two week or three week subscription we advise to buy them weekly to eliminate confusion.

Monthly plans : Monthly plans are shipped EVERY Monday for the 4 week period of the purchase so you will only have to ored once a month.

Disclaimer : If you have not received your delivery by Monday, this means that there was a problem processing your package with DPD and it will arrive the following day Tuesday. We never want this to happen but unfortunately sometimes it does, but do not worry, the box is packed with ice and remain below 5 degrees for up to 48hrs from dispatch.

If you need to change the delivery address other than on the order form you will have to contact DPD directly to do so. If you have not contacted them to change delivery address and are not home to receive the delivery the package will be brought to your local DPD depot where it will need to be collected, or if they try to contact you and you cannot answer the same will happen. DPD are not authorized to leave the box outside un-signed for.

Office deliveries will be made on the same day at the same time so we advise if you aren’t home, get the package delivered to your workplace as all meals come packed in a cooler box with ice packs which will keep the food cold for 36hrs from dispatch.


Bank holidays

Special note for bank holidays to consider when ordering. DPD do not operate on a bank holiday so all deliveries outside of Galway city will be dispatched Tuesday. If you want to make sure you have your meals starting Monday we advise to opt for local pickup which is our premises in ballybane.

Where do I collect?

The meals will have to be collected from our facility in Ballybane. The kitchen is in the john Paul centre on the old castle park road (opposite rear GMIT car park). Collection time is 1pm-3pm on the Sunday. If you do not collect on Sunday or cannot for some reason we will hold your package until the Tuesday when we are open again for collection between 7am-3pm. If you haven’t collected after Thursday your food will be discarded and we have a very strict refund policy.

Do you have a sample menu?

Yes you can find a link to all menus in each meal plan page, or simply click here  These menus will change every month to keep your taste buds watering!

What if I don’t like something on the menu, can I swap it for something else?

If this is the case we will take this dish off your plan and include another at our own jurisdiction, if you want to choose your own meals on the other hand we will have to do a custom plan and this will cost extra €.

I have a strong allergic reaction to nuts/fish etc?

If this is the case and you have an allergy the kitchen MUST be made aware of this and a custom plan can be made for you as all food is exposed to nuts/ gluten etc in production and we will take no responsibility for an allergic reaction if there was no notification from the customer.

How do Loyalty Points Work?

Every time you purchase a product, you will receive loyalty points, equal to 5% of the products price.

Loyalty points cannot be used alongside discount coupons for a purchase.

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