Nutritional Information - Clean Cut Meals

Clean Cut Meals focus on having a varied menu so it is much more sustainable to maintain. We don’t believe in strict diets and counting calories, our menu is carefully crafted so that it is always satisfying and never boring. Packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients, clean cut meals will improve your overall performance day in and day out.

Tomato basil chicken pasta w/ sweetcorn, spinach and broccoli and a tomato sauce

Roast turkey with baby potato, kale, spinach and peas

Beef burrito bowl with basmati, mixed beans, guacamole and a tomato salsa

Thai red curry with coriander rice and stir-fry vegetables

Pork stir-fry with mixed vegetables, steamed basmati and Szechuan sauce

Turkey mince cottage pie topped with sweet potato with broccoli and cauliflower

Sweet and sour chicken with yellow rice, carrots, onions and peppers

Cajun turkey steak with sweet potato wedges and roast vegetables

Fajita chicken with Mexican rice, green beans, carrots, lime yoghurt and grated cheese

(fake away) spice box, salt and chilli chicken, sweet potato cubes, mixed veg and curry sauce

Chicken korma with coconut rice, peas, carrots and onions

Beef massaman curry with cauliflower rice and broccoli

Chicken with satay sauce, rice noodles and a green veg stirfry

Lamb chilli con carne with minted cous cous, butternut sq, spinach and peas

Turkey meatballs with marinara sauce and spaghetti

Chargrilled peri peri sweet wedges cor broc

Garlic oat and parmesan coated chicken sweet potato wedges balsamic glazed veg

Grilled paprika turkey steak chorizo and pearl barley risotto with butternut squash

Lean beef burger sweet potato puree carrots peas onions and a red wine gravy

Lemon courgette turkey burger sweet potato puree roast vege

Lemon chicken and teriyaki rice bowl with mixed greens

Mojito chicken with coriander basmati and minted spinach peas

Moroccan lamb tagine with fruity couscous

Orange and pepper chicken b.b.q. beans coconut rice

Plum and sesame chicken stir fry with egg noodles

Smoked pork mixed bean chorizo casserol

Tender beef stir fry mixed vege black bean sauce basmati

Thai grilled chicken stir fry with asian greens and rice noodles

Turkey pea and spinach curry and mixed greens

Beef mince chilli brown rice peas and carrots

Asian Chicken stir fry, basmati, sweet chilli & Asian green

 Chargrilled periperi chicken w/ sweet potato wedges & corn

 Chicken Fajitas w/ brown tortilla steamed rice, fresh guac & lemon fat free youg

Peanut butter chicken w/ egg noodles & stir fried vegetables

Tomato & basil chicken pasta w/ fresh parmesan

 Hearty winter chicken casserole w/ seasonal vege& baby pots

Chicken & chickpea burgers, curried lentils w/ broccoli & toasted almond

Thai green curry w/ seasonal vegetables & brown rice pilaff

Oven roasted garlic & rosemary chicken w/ sweet potato & red lentil puree, roasted mixed vege & red wine & rosemary jus

Beef chilli w/ brown savoury rice & crunchy broccoli

Italian beef bolognaise w/ pasta & parmesan

Beef Stir fry w/ mixed vegetables, lime & coriander basmati rice & black bean sc

Tandoori beef burger w/ cauliflower mash, roasted squash, spinach & mushroom

Mixed herb & parmesan meatballs w/ spaghetti & Napolitano sauce

 Beef & broccoli stir fry w lemongrass & ginger sauce on egg noodles

Burrito bowl w/ fresh salsa, guacamole, steamed rice & mixed beans

Marinated chargrilled flank steak w/ sweet potato mash & grilled asparagus

Lemon & courgette burger w/ sweet potato & carrot puree & roasted mixed vegetables

Orange & pepper turkey burger w/ steamed Mexican rice, baked BBQ beans & pineapple salsa

CCM style lasagne

Roast maple & orange turkey crown w/ roasted baby potatoes & spring onion, cranberry kale, spinach

Lemon peri peri turkey chunks w baked sweet potato & traditional ratatouille style vege

Turkey, sweet potato, pineapple & corn curry served with fruity pilaff brown rice

CCM style bacon & cabbage

Chilli & ginger pork stir fry

 Char grilled chop w/mixed lentil compote & roasted cauliflower and carrot

Thai sweet potato & broccoli mixed fish cakes served w/ crunchy stir fry vege & sweet chilli sauce

Cajun salmon w/ celeriac & parsnip mash & roasted seasonal vege

Almond & dill crusted salmon w/ sweet potato puree & spinach w/ crunchy greens

Chilli & ginger pork stir fry

 Char grilled chop w/mixed lentil compote & roasted cauliflower and carrot

Thai sweet potato & broccoli mixed fish cakes served w/ crunchy stir fry vege & sweet chilli sauce

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