Becca Gillen’s Fat Loss & Lean Legs Home Workouts.

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Becca is a Dublin-based Personal Trainer, Physique Coach, and Online Body Composition Specialist with the esteemed Ashley Crooks Fitness group, which is renowned for delivering incredible results that have changed the lives of multiple clients, both physically & mentally.

Her certifications include Personal Training, Advanced Sports Nutritional Therapist, and most recently Precision Nutrition. She teaches clients how to adopt a flexible dieting approach that is realistic and maintainable, as well as a large emphasis on weight training to improve overall body composition.

With her nursing background, she has a unique perspective on health and fitness and is compassionate in every aspect of her work.

Becca has also competed in Bikini Athlete shows in the UK & thus brings with her a wealth of experience which she implements in her programmes, that have helped hundreds in her career in the fitness industry. With over 20,000 followers on Instagram that she has built through giving evidence-based advice and useful fitness content, her knowledge on how to transform your body is second-to-none.

Her ‘Lean Legs & Fat-Loss’ programme is one that has been developed & tailored through this wealth of knowledge & multiple reviews of her past clients’ progress, meaning this workout plan is sure to deliver your desired results in the most efficient manner possible.

Want to start your transformation journey in a sustainable & rewarding manner? Purchase her plan now to download a PDF with these cutting-edge plan workouts.

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