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The Lean & Green plan was designed with one goal in mind: results. This meal plan consists of the cleanest foods possible – focused on getting you lean & toned for summer!

The plan revolves around green vegetables, lean sources of protein, and clean carbohydrate sources. While results are more or less guaranteed after a 4-6 week period of following the plan, we do recommend hopping back onto one of our other meal plans for their variety & blend of tastes!

You can expect macros to be in and around 40g of Protein, 40g of Carbs & 5g of Fat. This equates to roughly 365 calories, which will vary from meal to meal but not by much. There will be two meals daily and so you will need to add in a breakfast & if you’re training/exercising we’d also add in another meal of your own to make up the calories!

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