Lean muscle builder plan [1 Week]


Nutritional Information

This plan was created for those who are exercising with specific goals. This option consists of three main meals per day (15 total) which contain roughly 40g of protein, 45g of carbs & 15g of fat, along with a healthy portion of vegetables. This plan is an ideal base for those looking to lean out, tone up & build lean muscle. Average Kcal per day on this plan will be 1400.

When you exercise or train you tear muscle fibers in your body, which then re-built by protein, which is why we include such a high serving (roughly 2.5 times your GDA). All of the carbs come from low GI sources (no sugars) and we only include healthy fats.

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  • As someone that runs his own business, trains nearly every day and has a two year old daughter at home, sometimes I just cant prioritise the time to prep my meals. This is why I use Clean Cut Meals Lean Muscle Builder. Any time I travel and cant find time to prep my own meals I get on to Micky and Conor and they send me over the Lean Muscle Builder program and it works incredibly well for me with my busy lifestyle. I cannot recommend Clean Cut Meals enough,amazing clean food a killer service which is amazing for muscle building and staying on track.

    Brian Keane
    Brian Keane Brian Keane Fitness

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