Sarah Moloney’s Booty Builder & Arm Sculptor Programme – designed for Fat-Loss!


Sarah Moloney, or as her 30,000 Instagram followers know her, @sarstri – is a female body transformation specialist. Sarah is a professional bikini athlete and has helped hundreds of clients completely transform their physiques in a short space of time. Sarah’s results are sustainable, seeing as the workouts she provides are enjoyable and result-driven rather than the gruelling workouts that you’re often happy never to go back to once your programme is completed!

Sarah says “I was once caught up in these fad diets that made me miserable, cut out all my favourite foods, made me feel tired which all led me to binging

After that I knew there had to be another way to go about this and that’s when I discovered using flexible dieting with myself and my clients.

Changing to a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to be miserable and your training should be something you enjoy!”

Sarah’s ‘Booty-Building & Arm-Sculptor’ programme is the perfect kick-start to anybody seeking lose fat & tone up in all those difficult areas. Her results speak for themselves. Download her tailored plan here & begin your transformation today!

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