STUDENT PLAN - Clean Cut Meals



Lunch: Low fat beef stroganoff with basmati rice and mixed veg

P: 40 C: 44 F: 12

Calories: 454

Dinner: Chicken Pad Thai with rice noodles, beansprouts and chopped peanuts

P: 39 C: 46 F: 15

Calories: 485


Lunch: Lamb Jalfrezi with pilau rice and mixed veg

P: 36 C: 44 F: 15

Calories: 455

Dinner: Tandoori beef burger with curries potato, broccoli and roast cauliflower

P: 42 C: 40 F: 16

Calories: 472


Lunch: Chicken fajita bowl with Mexican rice, mixed peppers, onions and carrots

P: 40 C: 43 F: 13

Calories: 449

Dinner: Turkey, pineapple and sweet potato curry with brown rice and mixed veg

P: 42 C: 47 F: 11

Calories: 455


Lunch: Mustard and herb crusted pork loin w/ sweet potato cubes, cabbage, kale and apple sc.

P: 35 C: 40 F: 16

Calories: 444

Dinner: Turkey chilli con carne with fluffy basmati and broccoli

P: 42 C: 48  F: 12

Calories: 468


Lunch: McGraths lamb burger with sweet potato mash broccoli, courgette and corn with mint sc.

P: 39 C: 40 F: 17

Calories: 469

Dinner: Coconut coated chicken with crushed potato, salsa verde and smashed peas

P: 43 C: 35 F: 12

Calories: 420


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