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3 Health Tips for Office Workers

Published on May 16, 2019

Majority of us lead incredibly busy lives, with more often than not the busier point being during office hours. It can be very easy to neglect our bodies during the day. You might go to the gym before or after work, maybe a run or walk but there is more you could be doing to help your body during the day if you are an office worker. Along with a healthy balanced diet, fitness is essential to leading a healthy lifestyle. It also has a huge impact on our mental health, energy levels and our abilities to be able to manage what the day throws our way.   Get Moving! Get moving every 40 minutes, you don’t necessarily need to leave your desk but even just stand up and stretch out your body, change your position, take a very quick walk around to loosen out if possible. Don’t forget to stretch your neck, shoulders and wrists if you are looking at a computer for the day. Some quick shoulder shrugs, shoulder blade squeezes, knee squeezes or calf raises while sitting will do your posture a world of good.   Deep Breathing Breathing is a basic human function but it is amazing how many of us do not breathe correctly or efficiently. Practice deep breathing while at your desk. You will become more intune with your body, it will help you to relax during stressful moments, and it will also massively benefit your training efficiency.   Hydrate You wouldn’t let your car go without oil, so why let your body go without water? When you are fully hydrated you are shaper, both body and mind. Dehydration will leave you feeling tired and lethargic because your body has to work harder. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty! Keep a bottle with you at your desk and take a sip every 15-20 minutes. Add in some lemon or lime over night to boost the flavour if you aren’t a big fan of drinking it.