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4 Benefits of a High-fibre Diet

Published on May 5, 2017

At Clean Cut Meals, we seek to incorporate as much fibrous vegetables as possible into our meals. This is on top of the fact that all our carbohydrate sources are already fibre-dense! Some of our customers have been wondering why this is. Overall – it’s due to the fact that a high fibre diet is very beneficial, and a lot of the Irish population don’t eat enough of it. It’s important for everyone to keep their cholesterol in check, and unfortunately many of us don’t know how to do this. There have been many conflicting theories over the generations that have come and gone – but one that has remained throughout is incorporating more fibre into your diet. Soluble fibre may help lower total blood cholesterol levels by lowering bad cholesterol levels. Another element of health that is regularly overlooked by many of us is that of our digestion. Fibre is directly linked to improving the health of your gut & colon, as well as preventing disease! Fibre also provides health benefits centred around diabetes, from helping prevent it to aiding those who have the disease. Fibre helps to slow the absorption of sugar which is massively beneficial regarding diabetes! Finally – a diet willed with fibre will help you stay fuller for longer for a couple of reasons. Fibre slows digestion meaning you will be able to avoid cravings and over-eating!