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4 Tips for Staying Lean Over the Weekend!

Published on April 21, 2017

Well that was a long week – wouldn’t you agree? And now that the end is in sight, it’s easy to get carried away at the weekend. Without a plan in place, there is an opportunity that you may undo all the hard work from during the week! So for this reason, we’ve compiled a list of very manageable tips that you should consider including in your routine this weekend…


One thing we’re all of guilty of when it comes to the weekend is not drinking enough water. This is because we’re often no longer in a routine that allows us track our intake as easily as when we’re in our Monday-Friday workweek! An issue with this is a temporary one – but one nonetheless. If your body experiences a sudden drop in water intake it will hold on to water in your body as a contingency to whether or not it will get any more. This will rectify itself in a couple of days – but nobody wants to be looking watery for the weekend!


The morning after your night out/cheat meal, get up and train fasted. Although there has been no certain studies that have linked fasted training to accelerated fat-loss, it is beneficial to start your day off on the right foot with a training session under your belt. This will ensure that one night out doesn’t turn into a day and a half off track – as a hangover may leave you prone to ordering some greasy food!


Be mindful that whether you’re indulging in a cheat meal, or alcohol, this means that you’re likely to consume a high amount of calories. And if you’re looking to lean out – then staying in a calorie deficit is key! We’d recommend lowering your calories throughout the day, or even the day before as well. We’d also focus on dropping fats & carbs ahead of protein. One pint of beer is in and around 200-250 calories, so bear that in mind on the build up to your night out.


As we said in the opening statement, it’s hard not to get excited and treat yourself after a hard week’s work. And of course, we are all entitled to eat what we want, and to go out and enjoy ourselves! The key is to maintain balance however, and ensure that you don’t offset all your week’s work with one ridiculously large cheat meal (we’ve done that ourselves) or by having a few too many. Stick to these guidelines and you won’t hugely affect your progress! #CCM