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5 Top Tips to help to making those new years resolutions stick!

Published on January 7, 2019

2019 is upon us and for most of us we have unfinished business from 2018, that gym membership never really got used enough, i didn’t find the time to learn how to play that instrument so on and so on. We all live busy lives and sometimes its hard to find the time to sleep never mind completing a list of new years resolutions, so here we have compiled a list of 5tips on how to help those resolutions stick for 2019!


Keep your resolutions simple with 2 or 3 max.

Sometimes people find themselves aiming for an overhaul of their entire lifestyle, and this can be a recipe for disappointment. It is understandable at this time of year, when self-improvement is on everyone’s mind, but experience shows these things can’t all be achieved at once, focus clearly on one or two of your most important goals.


Be realistic.

Don’t aim too high and ignore reality – consider your previous experience with resolutions. What led to failure then? It may be that you resolved to lose too much weight or save an unrealistic amount of money. Remember, there will always be more opportunities to start on the next phase, so set realistic goals. Or if you don’t want to hold back, set clear short-term goals on your way to a big achievement. Which leads to tip number 3!


Break down big goals into smaller tasks.

Break goals down to manageable chunks. This is perhaps the most essential ingredient for success, as the more planning you do now, the more likely you are to get there in the end. By setting clear, realistic goals such as losing 8kgs, saving 100eur a month, or going to the gym three times per week you have your vision set! This can all be done by breaking these “big daunting goals” into smaller manageable chunks, start off by breaking that 8kg into just 2kg and before you know it over the course of the year you will have lost the 8kg. The same goes for the others, small wins will eventually bring you to overall success of these goals!


Plan a time frame and KEEP TRACK.

A time-frame is vital for motivation. It is your barometer for success, the way you assess your short-term progress towards the ultimate long-term goal. I would highly recommend a diary so you can plan your actions for the coming weeks or months, and decide when and how often to evaluate.

Having made a note of your time-frame, you will have a physical reminder of what you’re aiming for. Now go further and write down the details of your resolutions in a notebook, remembering to add your motivations. You could keep a scrapbook for this purpose, and fill it with photos of your slimmer self, pictures of sporting or hobby equipment you are saving for, or even a shocking credit card statement to spur you into action! If your resolution will directly benefit your partner, children, colleagues or friends then add their photos too – anything to remind you of your initial motivation.


Reward yourself and DONT GIVE UP you got this.

When making your plan, a vital feature should be the rewards and treats you will give yourself at those all-important milestones. But be warned, don’t fall into the trap of putting your goal in danger – it’s too easy for a dieter to say “I’ve been so good, I deserve a few mars bars”, or a saver to throw caution to the wind with a new purchase.

Do bear in mind that a slip-up is almost inevitable at some point, and you must not let this become an excuse to give up. When it happens, you will need to draw on your reserves of self-belief and strength, so build these qualities as often as you can. Really feel proud of your past achievements and don’t become critical of yourself. People with higher self-esteem and confidence are in a much better position to succeed, so immediately forgive yourself and say “I’m starting again now!”

We hope this will help you to make 2019 a great one, if you are ever in need of any assistance or have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to reach out to us

Now you’ve read these tips, you are in a great position to consider the best ways to improve your life this year. Your happiness is worth the time and effort, so get started, and good luck!