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Bell Peppers – One of the Best Vegetables You Can Possibly Eat

Published on July 6, 2017

You can never eat enough vegetables. And the majority of us simply aren’t getting enough in our diets as it is! Recent research has suggested that the 5 portions of fruit/vegetables a day should realistically be up at 8/10 pieces, and very few of us are consuming that amount to vegetables daily. So the question is, how do we incorporate more of these foods into our diets in a way that makes things enjoyable and tasty for us? Our favourite method of doing this is by adding in sweet bell peppers to our diets. Sweet bell peppers are one of the tastiest vegetables available, can be prepared in numerous ways and contain an incredible macro & micro nutrient profile. Here’s a list of benefits that comes from eating bell peppers…
  1. They contain a high amount of Vitamin C: Vitamin C is vital for those working towards fitness goals, as it helps ward off illness, meaning you take fewer breaks from training. Levels of vitamin C are also inversely associated with insulin resistance and visceral belly fat levels meaning those with higher vitamin C levels are likely to be leaner. Bell Peppers contain a high amount of Vitamin C whether they’re red, green or yellow.
  2. They’re an excellent source of Potassium: High blood pressure has been linked with low levels of potassium meaning you need to be consuming foods that are rich in potassium to combat this – and you’ve guessed it, bell peppers are!
  3. They’re loaded with antioxidants: All three colours of peppers contain various levels of free-radical scavenging properties and other antioxidants.
  4. Protects your bones: Peppers are high in Vitamin K which has been linked to preventing diseases such as osteoporosis.
  5. Calorie Count: 100g of peppers contains just 20 calories. This means you can enjoy all the above benefits guilt-free, and avoid the cravings and snacking as you’ll feel full after eating them!
We cook our peppers in multiple different ways. From baking them in the oven, to adding them into our stir fries, there are endless ways that you can enjoy them! So if you’re cooking at home this weekend, make sure you add in a couple of peppers to your dishes. You won’t regret it!