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Lunch: Healthy Lean Beef ‘tacos’

Published on February 22, 2017


1 pack romaine lettuce 300g lean beef mince 1 ½ red onion (diced) 1 red pepper 1 ½ clove garlic (f/c) mixed herbs 100g mixed beans 1 punnet cherry tomato (quartered) bunch of coriander 1 tin sweet corn 1 avocado 1 lime salt & pepper Fat free greek yoghurt 1 tsp Smoked paprika 1 tsp cayenne pepper


Start with your vegetables, mince the garlic, chop the onion and the pepper. Heat a medium pan over medium/high heat and add coconut oil, fry the mince beef. After about 3 mins of the beef frying add 1 onion, 1 garlic and the chopped pepper to the beef. Season the mix with salt, pepper, mixed herbs, paprika & cayenne and continue to cook until all the vegetables are nice and soft. Next add the sweet corn, ½ the cherry tomatoes & the mixed beans (if the beef mix tends to be sticking to the pan and you feel its getting a little burnt add some water to the pan and reduce the heat) Then continue to cook slowly until the water is nearly non existent. Next prepare your ‘taco’ shells by washing and pulling the lettuce leaves into nice cups and set aside. In a separate bowl add the ½ onion, ½ garlic, ½ lime juice, chopped coriander, the rest of the cherry tomatoes (quartered) and the avocado (chopped) then start to mash with a fork, to finish season with salt & pepper. With the other half of the lime squeeze it into the Greek yoghurt and use this as a sour cream. To serve fill the lettuce cups with the beef mix, topped with the homemade guacamole and a spoon of the ‘sour cream’.