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Phoebe Mcvey: 5 Fat Loss Tips!

Published on February 15, 2017

There are few Galway locals who haven’t heard of Supermom Phoebe McVey. Between owning a business, competing on stage post-pregnancy & being mother to two young children – she really is incredible. And we’re proud to say that she gets her meals from us – our Fat Loss Plan! (See the plan here) We managed to catch up with her during the week to ask her for her top tips – and here’s what she said! “5 TIPS OF FAT-LOSS WITH PHOEBE MCVEY” 1: SET YOURSELF SMALL GOALS! Be realistic don’t start on a crazy training regime or diet start off slow and steady. Take into account your life if you have kids and a hectic job it’s going to be harder to stick to anything but if you set yourself a realistic plan it will be easier to stick to long term 2: BE CONSISTENT! Stick with your goals and plans the first couple of weeks will be hard but if you make it a part of your life then it will become a habit, Don’t just look at health and fitness as a quick fix to lose a few quick pounds you want to look at it as a lifestyle change and something you enjoy 2: PLAN AHEAD! Be it cooking your meals or ordering your meals from Clean Cut Meals make sure you plan for the week ahead there is nothing worse then waking up on Monday morning and being in a total fluster, if you have a healthy breakfast and lunch you are less liking to binge some days im so busy at work and if i dont get a chance to eat im like a bear for the evening and all i grave is suger 3: ENJOY WHAT YOU DO! Find an exercise that suits you, everybody is different don’t just go to the gym everyday and hate going find something you actually enjoy, Ya you are going have days where you’d rather just sit on the couch but if you really enjoy what your doing you will jump off the couch 4: IF YOU FALL JUST GET BACK UP! Your going to have knock backs day or even weeks where you fall out of your routine this happens to everyone don’t be hard on yourself just don’t get into a bad habit of saying il start tomorrow if you do slip up a bit it’s no big deal just start fresh the next day and don’t think that a week of starving yourself or doing a fade diet will make up for weeks or months or years of not eating healthy and exercising it can take years to get to your goals just don’t be so hard on yourself and always get back up if you fall out of your routine or plan 5: MAKE YOURSELF PROUD! There is no better feeling then achieving your goals every goal ive set myself ive achieved it wasn’t easy trying to juggle kids and my own business and i had a million knock backs but i just got back up, everyone has the same 24 hours go and make yours count and in a few weeks months or years you’ll look back and see all your hard work paid off:)