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Proats – One of the Best Meals You Can Possibly Have

Published on July 4, 2017


And it’s for good reason. There are multiple health benefits of consuming oats & whey, but most importantly, it’s absolutely delicious. For years the method of consumption was through a bowl of oatmeal and a shake of whey. Recently however, the fitness world have become quite creative and the term ‘Proats’ was born. Proats have become dear in the hearts of those on diets as it almost feels as if you’re cheating on your diet due to the taste. Adding some healthy nuts or fruits can help the taste and nutritional value immeasurably – so therefore we’ve ensured that Clean Cut Proats are a regular fixture on our menu! Our Clean Cut Proats consist of almond milk, Flexi Whey (vanilla-flavour), porridge oats, mixed fruit & berries, chia seeds and mixed nuts. This explosion of flavour means your cravings will be satisfied and your hunger satiated. Why this meal is important is because it ticks off almost every box in terms of nutrition. Oats provide low GI, slow-release carbohydrates. This provides a steady flow of energy throughout the day – and low GI carbs don’t cause an insulin spike like high GI carbs do and thus you avoid storing fat. Whey protein will ensure your muscles are receiving a blast of protein to prevent catabolism & promote anabolism. Your seeds and nuts provide the healthy fats – and fruit will load you up with vitamins & minerals! So as you can see – it’s important to work in a meal like this daily to your diet. The benefits are numerous, and the taste is incredible. How could you say no?