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Staying Lean With Brian Keane

Published on February 15, 2017

So during the week, we caught up with one of our sponsored athletes in an attempt to gather some advice on reducing your body-fat in a sustainable way. If you incorporate these tips into our fat-loss plan, you will certainly start achieving your desired results! Check out our meal plans here before moving on to the tips – and see which tickles your fancy. Now just for a little background on Brian: with a social media following of almost 150,000 people across all his channels, Brian has clients all about the world who have completely changed their lifestyles & appearances as a consequence of his guidance. And on top of being a world-class PT, he also is a professional fitness model – meaning he has won Pro-Cards from competing on stage! So trust us, you’re in good hands with this guy… we’ve been taking training tips from him for the past while ourselves! So we’ll leave you to his 5 key tips for staying lean. And any questions just shoot us a message on our Facebook page! The #CCM Team.


Tip 1: Never Skip Breakfast: Your first meal of the day (breakfast) sets you up for the entire day. How you start you day is a good indicator to how the rest of the day will go so make sure you set yourself up to win. Cereals, toast and breakfast bars (as good as they taste) will not help you get the body you want. I generally use the rule that “if its advertised on TV, be wary of that food” – when was the last time you saw eggs or porridge advertised on TV? or broccoli or chicken? The breakfast cereals and bars are clever at advertising the ‘healthy’ start to the day when in fact, due to their effect on your blood sugars levels, they’re probably the worst thing you can consume first thing in the morning. What do I do? Aim to have a slow release carbohydrate first thing in the morning (porridge oats being one of the best), you can also use unsweetened coconut milk or almond milk with some organic stevia (100% stevia from a health store is ideal, try and avoid the cheap 2% stevia that’s in most generic supermarkets as this is normally worse than sugar). Eggs (scrambled, poached or boiled) are another great option. Cottage cheese, smoked salmon, steak and omelettes alongside Protein Pancakes and Protein Waffles (using a good whey protein) are also great options. How do I do it? Make sure to use slow releasing carbohydrates for breakfast and/or a good quality fat and protein source (such as eggs, cottage cheese or whey protein). 2) Water For Fat Loss! Hydration is another secret tip for burning body fat. If your body is even 1% dehydrated, fat burning goes right to the back of the queue in terms of your body’s primary jobs. What do I do? Aim to drink between 3 and 5 litres every day, this may seem like a lot but the key is to always carry a water bottle with you (I haven’t left my home with a 2 litre water bottle in about 5 years), that way you will be sipping on it all through the day. How do I do it? Think about it this way, if you drink two of these bottles and you’re awake for 16 hours, that’s 250ml of water every hour.. Now that doesn’t seem as much when you put it that way. Water has a load of other benefits including, healthier skin, teeth and bones, stronger joints, improved digestion, its ability to suppress appetite and increased fat metabolism, just to name a few. Top Tip: buy yourself a good litre water bottle and fill it with spring water before you leave home every day. 3) Dealing With Sugar Cravings! Fortunately as someone who has had a chocolate addiction that can only be compared to that of a pre-adolescent girl, I have found some very practical tips that will help you moving forward. What do I do? Make sure you are spacing your meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks) so you’re eating every 3 hours: if your blood sugar levels drop (from not eating), your body needs a ‘quick fix’ which can lead you reaching for something sugary as soon as energy levels drop. Spacing your meals (besides increasing energy due to your body using the calories for current energy) can massively stabilise your blood sugar levels. How do I do it? Once you have your meals already with you or ordered from Clean Cut Meals, it’s just a matter of checking the time to see when you have your next meal. If you have your breakfast at 7 am, your snack will be at 10 am and your lunch at 1 pm and so on. Top Tip: Use 100% Organic Stevia to sweeten food – 100% stevia (not to be confused with the 2% stevia sold in Tesco which is actually worse for you than sugar), is 1000 times sweeter than sugar AND balances blood sugar levels. 4) Balancing a Social Life With Your Fat Loss Goals We all love to socialise with friends and family and it can be a huge challenge to eat out and stay on track with your fat loss goal. It is possible though (for example, I meet my mum every Friday for lunch), it just requires some discipline and the right choices. What do I do? The key to eating out and staying on track is making some simple switches to your food choices.
  1. Try grilled steaks, chicken or fish over the fried option
  2. Switch French fries or chips for a sweet potato, baby potatoes or a baked potato (without butter, you can add that yourself if you need to).
  3. Order a salad with loads of greens (again dressing on the side) with any meal.
  4. Add dressing or butter to the meal yourself (restaurants tend to put way too much on themselves, leading to loads of extra calories).
  5. Try and limit alcohol with meals (alcohol can lower blood sugar levels making you eat way more than you planned). Opt for water instead.
Life is about balance and moderation, getting into a new dress or having abs isn’t worth it if it means you have no social life. These are pretty easy tip to apply (and you can apply them straight away). They will help you stay on track with your fat loss goals without having to sacrifice your social life. 5) Exercise! You don’t need to exercise 2 hours every day, you don’t even need a gym. All you need is 20 minutes and a stop watch (to monitor your rest times). Try this quick 20-minute home fat burning workout. 1 minute on each 2 rounds 20 minute total
  1. Bodyweight Burpees
  2. Opposite Knee To Elbow Mountain Climbers
  3. Mountain Climbers
  4. Plank to Push Up
  5. Bodyweight Squats
  6. Jumping Lunges
  7. Isometric Lunges
  8. Isometric Lunges
  9. Wide Burpee No Jump
  10. Pike Push Up
To see full workout, check out the video below: For more tips on fitness and nutrition, check out the website or Facebook, YouTube and Instagram Brian Keane Fitness. Also for daily Live Q+A’s with Brian, checkout his snapchat briank019.