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4 ways to value yourself by valuing your time

Published on February 20, 2019

Focus on the bigger picture! Getting distracted by silly things like emails, social media, text messages etc is what gets us frustrated and stressed because were not attending to our own wants and needs. Of course these will be unavoidable with personal issues or work crisis but its important to separate non important from important. Having clarity on what your goals are is what will keep you focused. Ask yourself, who you want to be? What would your hero do? What are your priorities?

Plan how you want to spend your days!

Have a plan for the day. Waking up with no to do list will have you aimlessly walking around work for the day until you feel like going home, letting those silly distractions take control of your day. No planning results in our goals being put on the long finger. We cant make any progress on goals without having a plan, we need to plan that will help materialize the big picture we have in mind. I spend my Sunday afternoons planning out my entire week, then I review my schedule every night before bed. This typically includes the three priorities I must accomplish each day, as well as blocks for things like meetings, email and family time. Spend your time wisely! Were all guilty of wasting time but simply downloading an app like “todolist” or using google calendars to prioritize tasks rather binge watching Netflix can help manage your time better. Ideally any free time should be spent developing yourself like reading, spending time with loved ones, learning a new skill, investing into an online course, organizing your office or having your diet plan in place for the week ahead. Because time is your most valuable asset, you can’t be willing to give it away to others freely. It prevents you from prioritizing your own wants and needs. It’s like making deposits in everyone else’s bank accounts and never putting anything in your own. Let others know that your time is valuable. Whether you realize it or not, here a few ways you’re signalling to others that your time isn’t valuable:
  • Saying yes to everything. Start saying no sometimes. Its the easiest way to start achieving your goals faster
  • You’re on-call 24/7. Don’t answer your phone outside work hours. You cant be on demand for someone else needs. Take the time to unwind, take note and follow up the next morning when you’ve a fresh head.
  • Stick to time limits. Don’t let meetings drag out. The more time spent than time allocated, ads up and puts you behind for the day.
  • You allow tardiness. When others disrespect your time, you lose time to work on your goals. Don’t make the same mistake by meeting someone constantly showing up late to meetings
Prioritize or you’ll never know your true potential.