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What is a typical day on Clean Cut Meals? – Lean Muscle Builder

Published on June 1, 2019

Last week we took a look at our Fat Loss Plan. Often our customers come to us a little unsure of which plan suits them best, and the question usually falls around “should I be on Fat Loss or the Lean plan?” The answer depends on a number of factors, what your goals are, how much weight you want to lose (if that is a goal), what your current habits are? etc etc. So here is a quick look at what a day on our Lean Muscle Builder Plan looks like day to day and how you can hit your goals on this plan.   Breakfast Overnight Oats – 301 Kcal Snack Mint Chocolate Protein Bites – 238 Kcal Lunch Mongolian Beef – 420 Kcal Dinner Lean Beef Bolognese – 450 Kcal Total Calories for the day – 1409 Kcal   Our plan contains between 1400-1500 Kcal on a normal day. With this you are getting on average 40g protein in each of your main meals. When your goals is to cut body fat and build lean muscle the core ingredient is your protein intake. Protein aids muscle repair and promotes growth, which will also in turn boost your bodies ability to burn body fat.