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How do I change my meals/plan?

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If you would like to change your meals or plan for your subscription, just follow this quick guide.

Changing the meals on your subscription is simple.

  • Sign in
  • Go to your account.
  • Click Edit Subscription

Your cart will now have all the items of your last order in it, just add or remove what you like. Then checkout as normal, all your details will be saved so it’s just a few clicks, the new items will be valid from your next charge, you can see how long it is till your next charge on the checkout page.

We have a 45s video of the whole process that you can watch below.

* If you are making a change to your subscription after your order has already processed, please note you will need to contact to have this information actioned for your next delivery. The orders are created at the time of payment/renewal so changes after this time may not take affect until the next week.

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