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What if I have food allergies or cannot eat certain foods?

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If you have allergies or there are certain foods you cannot eat for either medical or personal reasons we advise choosing our Menu Builder option available on each plan. This way you have full control over your own menu and can ensure you are receiving meals you can 100% enjoy.

We make every effort and use best practices to avoid cross contamination, but we cannot guarantee that there won’t be any cross contamination with your meals. We urge you to use caution when ordering Clean Cut Meals, as some of our meals contain common allergens such as nuts, dairy, egg and wheat. If you suffer from food allergies and are in any way unsure please contact us ahead of time as we are happy to address any questions you may have on support@cleancutmeals.ie

If you look at our menu, each meal’s individual ingredients are available to view so you can check before ordering which ones are suitable. All ingredients will also be listed on the packaging of your meal when you receive your delivery.

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