The Story Of Clean Cut Meals.

Clean Cut Meals was established in January 2015 by 2 lifelong friends (Micheal & Conor) who always had a passion for tasty healthy food and all things fitness. Conor and Micheal met in their home city Galway, the duo came up with the idea whilst studying in GMIT – Micheal was studying culinary arts and training as a chef, while Conor was studying hotel and catering management so food was something the two knew a lot about.  

“We’ve both always been interested in keeping fit, moving our bodies and eating well. We both found that training while we studied was the easy part but when it came to eating healthier and convenient was next to nearly impossible. We knew that we needed to focus on our diets and what nutrients we were putting into our bodies in order to reach our optimal goals, but it proved so difficult when we were on the go all day.

As a result, we spent a few nights each week preparing and batch cooking meals for the next couple of days. It was extremely time consuming, but eating well was really important to us. When we started to bring our meals into college, friends began to take an interest… and so the seed of an idea was sown, and the rest is history.”

Supplied Over 750.000 Meals in Ireland.

Supplied to the 32 counties of Ireland and prepared by our team of 13 and growing!

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Our Mission To Inspire & Connect.

Clean Cut Meals mission statement is :“to inspire the Irish nation and help them connect, understand and embrace healthy eating, nutrition and a change of lifestyle”. 5 years down the road and the two have supplied over ¾ of a million meals to the 32 counties of Ireland and employ a team of 13 and growing. Clean cut meals heavily invest in their customer service and kitchen teams. Their vision doesn’t stop there and the two have their sights on Clean Cut Meals becoming a successful international brand.

While we are immensely grateful for and proud of the success we’ve had to date, what makes us prouder still is to hear the stories of people who have changed their lives and achieved things that they never thought they could by eating with Clean Cut Meals. If you’re already enjoying Clean Cut Meals – thank you, we are delighted that we can share our passion for good, nutritious and convenient food with you! If you’re thinking about signing up and you need any extra information at all, get in touch any time!

We Supply to 15+ Sports Events Every Year!

We made sure more than 15 sports events had their nutrition taken care off by supplying their athlete food!

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