Beef Bolognese

Delicious high protein low fat ground beef with a Masterful Marinara sauce is packed with sneaky veggies! Topped with a blend of parmesan and asiago cheese, our chefs recommend finishing your dish with freshly torn basil.
€ 8.49
368 Cals
25gr Protein
46gr Carbs
7gr Fat

Wheat/Gluten, Milk

Beef mince, tomato, tomato puree, onion, garlic, carrots, peas, sweetcorn, broad beans, green beans, paprika, basil, salt, mushrooms, pepper, balsamic vinegar, RIGATONI PASTA (WHEAT / GLUTEN), PARMESAN CHEESE (MILK) spinach, tomato and basil seasoning, garlic, Italian herbs, PARMESAN CHEESE (MILK), salt, pepper.

Heating Instructions:
Cooking from FRESH: Remove sleeve, place in microwave. Heat in microwave for 2-3 mins on HIGH and leave to stand for 1 minute. Plastic film will expand during heating, don't worry this is normal!

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