CCM Brownie


235 Cals
7gr Protein
41gr Carbs
22gr Fat
As luxurious and tasty as it looks, a delicious chocolate brownie will make sure to curb that sweet tooth craving we all get! Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream/ Fro-yo and you could serve this at a dinner party!
Heating instructions
FLOUR (WHEAT / GLUTEN), EGG, coconut milk, sugar, BUTTER (MILK), vanilla essence, honey.
FLOUR (WHEAT / GLUTEN), honey, EGG, coconut milk (SOYA), sugar, BUTTER (MILK), vanilla essence, honey, egg whites.
Eat cold, on the go or straight out of the fridge! Recommended to heat for 30 seconds (remove the film heat on full power microwave) and serve with a scoop of your favorite ice cream.


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